Paul Pilot Biography

Paul Pilot [aka Paul Wilkinson] began his musical career as writer/singer in Irish band “the amazing Pilots”. Signed to Decor records (UK/Europe) and Undertow Records (North America), the band toured extensively throughout Europe with such greats as American Music Club and Pedro the Lion.  Paul was soon asked to record, produce and write for other people. Paul’s time is now shared between making his own music, and helping others to make theirs.

As a score writer for film and television, Paul has been comfortable with both large scale, and also more specialist projects.  He recorded and produced the live music scenes in Oscar nominated “An Education”, as well as idiosyncratic & experimental work for the National theatre in London.

Paul has been often asked to work on evocative and human interest stories.  From the iconic battle between Gary Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue computer in “the Man vs the Machine” [ESPN Films 2014] , to documentary work about controversial environmental protestor Tim DeChristopher in “Bidder 70” [winner: Best American Film, Traverse Film Festival 2012], Paul has often found himself asked to provide sympathetic score for stories which are unusual as well as complex.

Paul is often found making recordings that feature unusual instrumentation.  He is comfortable working with good old fashioned rock’n’roll, but also with orchestral arrangements and unusual instruments.  He is comfortable as an engineer and also as a producer/musician and has often used this studio knowledge to push organic performance into adventurous and unusual places.

His long term work and collaboration with Irish artist Duke Special has led to gold selling records and A-listings on radio across Europe.  He wrote with UK gospel/blues artist Beth Rowley for her Top 10 UK album and recorded with number 1 UK band Athlete.  He has always encouraged artists to put more of  their own character into their music, to be brave and never to bow to commercial or constraining pressures.

Paul is also an accomplished musician and is happy as Larry when surrounded by dusty old guitars, pianos, banjos and curly cables.  He has toured with luminaries such as Buddy Miller and John Grant as well as working as a musical actor for theatre. He plans to one day own 1000 guitars, 2000 amps, and have 1 cable that works properly.

Ladies and gentlemen…. Paul Pilot!